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The patent law firm WAGNER + HELBIG was founded in 2009 with representations in Germany and Switzerland. We are pleased to announce as of March 2015 the opening of an additional office in Nyon Switzerland located at lake Geneva right between Lausanne and Geneva.

IP Law Update November 2020

Important EPO News: EPO changes oral proceedings regime to video only - advantage for all parties involved
EPO Prosecution Guide: How to achieve a favorable scope of protection and broaden the scope of protection of early patent filings
EU Case Law News: Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC): How to argue against Royalty Pharma (C-650/17) and TEVA (C-217/17)
The Start-Up Experts: WaHe-patent provides 360° IP services for early and grown up start-ups
IP Law Update November 2020 - PDF file IP Law Update November 2020 (PDF)

IP Law Update March 2013

Europe: EU Unitary Patent as of January 01, 2014 (rather 2015)
Switzerland: Federal Litigation Court established
IP Law Update March 2013 IP Law Update March 2013

IP Law Update December 2010

EPO topic: Divisional applications:
extending the 24M filing deadline - details of significance
National Case Law News: Medical devices & SPC in Germany & The Netherlands (DE FPC decision 14W (pat) 12/07; NL No. AWB 02/1915OCT) UK cases: High Court referral to CJEU (C-195/09) (C-427/09)
Biosimilars/EMA: European Medicines Agency (EMA) – draft guideline on similar biological medicinal products/mAbs released
Miscellaneous: Republic of Serbia joined the EPC as 38th member state (use updated forms 1010/request of grant and 1200/entry EP) Hungary accedes London Protocol (applicable January 01, 2011) Attention: EPC Rule changes effective January 1, 2011
IP Law Update December 2010 IP Law Update December 2010

IP Law Update August 2010

Important Deadlines: EPO divisional applications – before October 1, 2010
EPC Law News: amended Rule 141 / new Rule 70b EPC regarding foreign search results ‐
effective January 1, 2011
EPO Case Law News: G01/10 (T1145/09) ‐ "Correction of grant decision after initiation of opposition proceedings"
G02/10 (T1068/07) ‐ "Disclaimer”
G02/07 & G01/08 ”Essentially biological processes”
National Case Law News: DE FSC:X ZR 79/07 – right of inventor for compensation beyond German Employee Inventor Act
Miscellaneous: Serbia becomes EPC member state as of October 1, 2010
IP Law Update August 2010 IP Law Update August 2010